Altcoins For Fun and Profit

Yes, shitcoins, as cheap as it sounds these aimless seemingly redundant cryptos give us the chance to perform speculative investiments and earn nice profits,.
For Fun and Profit token is the fuel for a project to make earnings mainly from the new, low profile altcoins launched very often in the cryptocurrency forums, altough few veteran altcoins will be part in it.
It is part of the Omni ecosystem, choosen for its easy use and friendly interfaces.
We have three main methods to pursue profits:
1- Mine the shit out of new, low difficulty altcoins. The usually high rewards and low hashpower in early stages should allow us to grab a good chunk of every coin without need of very powerful (expensive) hardware.
2- Stake the shit out of old, already low value high PoS coins. Usually once a high PoS coin has lost most its value obtain earnings from stake becomes a more realistic prospect than in its firts months around.
3- Support and promote the new coins, it will mean develop resources and do task to boost the grow or adoption of a particular coin.
Besides we also will do trade and e-commerce to obtain the best value for our altcoins.
Since it has to be funny we wil try to focus our support to the choosen altcoins in thw developement of games, faucets and the likes, our media will follow this theme.
The holders will make profit by periodic buybacks, the first schedulled sixty days after the crowdsale.